Owning a small business can be extremely risky. Without proper protection, owning a small business can be more risky than just failing to make a profit. It could threaten your personal financial well-being far beyond anything you might imagine.

So why not try to protect your business assets and take as much risk out of your efforts as possible with business insurance?

In our litigious society, the threat of legal action against small business is always present. But there are other risks besides liability. Your business could be shut down because of a loss of business machinery, financial records or office equipment due to a fire, power outage, flooding, weather or any number of other causes. Even a temporary shut down could force you to permanently close your doors if you aren’t appropriately covered for such an event.

That’s where business owners insurance and other business insurance policies come into play. They can protect your small business. Shop owners, contractors, restaurant owners, home businesses and every type of small business you can think of needs business insurance. Many, such as dry cleaners, need specialized policies. Others can use a basic business owners policy.

The Insurance Den invites your inquiries for business insurance. One of our agents will assess your risk and determine the types of insurance coverages you need to meet your unique business risks. Your risks will be marketed with choices of many insurance coimpanies that the Insurance Den represents.

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